Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub Stakeholder event with the Regions4GreenGrowth

08/12/2014 - Manchester (United Kingdom)
At the request of colleagues from the Regions 4 Green Growth project Manchester extended an invite to the first consultation event of the Greater Manchester Climate Change Implementation Plan.
The first day was a workshop specifically for partners within regions 4 Green Growth. The second day was run in partnership With GM delegates who were invited from a range of partner organisations that included Local Authorities, the universities, private sector, energy providers and representatives of the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub Board.
The afternoon of the 4th December, as R4GG delegates arrived was used to update partners on the progress made in adopting the findings of our peer review and in particular in building the findings into our Action Plan (this is the Climate Change Implementation Plan).
Presentation were given by Mark Atherton (Greater Manchester Director of Environment) who outlined the governance structures in GM and how the R4GG action points will be built into the policy structures that are emerging from the wider environmental work.
A further presentation was given by Julian Packer who is ‎Low Carbon Investment Director at Greater Manchester Combined Authority. One of the recommendations from our Peer Review was to develop the technical capacity of the team that was coordinating the development of the low carbon project pipeline. As a result of this Julian was appointed, he has a strong private sector engineering background with extensive experience of low carbon investment programmes. Julian explained how his team will approach the prioritisation, development and delivery of key projects.
The Greater Manchester Combined Authority had already planned the consultation event on our Climate Change Implementation Plan for the 5th December and as such it was appropriate that colleagues from R4GG were invited to get involved in contributing to the development of our action planning. It introduced the concepts behind the consultation process and more specifically our wedges approach to the prioritisation of programme development.
Theme leads from the Low carbon Hub presented a brief update on the progress against delivery of aims and objectives, this was followed by a debate on the future direction that themes should follow.